Why your business should be investing in Simply Eco takeaway containers

With the current world situation, takeaways are busier than ever before – providing thousands with a valuable resource to feed themselves and their families every single day. But when it comes to offering that service ethically and practically, switching to eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging over polystyrene and plastic is a quick and easy way to do so. Why make the switch to eco-friendly takeaway food containers from Simply Eco? Here are just a few of the reasons:

Fulfil your moral and ethical obligations

More and more businesses are working towards a greener future. Reducing waste, switching out plastic straws and offering multiple deliveries in one run are just some of the ways that takeaway restaurants can meet that ethical obligation. While all of these factors take planning and time to pull off, changing your takeaway packaging is an instant and immediate way to reduce waste while also providing your customers with high-quality products that do the job. With Simply Eco Packaging’s takeaway containers, there’s practically no difference to the naked eye when it comes to the packaging for your customer’s favourite takeaway. From transparent sauce lids to compostable, sturdy container bases, the results are the same. The difference isn’t in the service you’re offering, but the ethical and moral way you’re supporting the public with resources that aren’t harming the earth.

Bring in new, eco-conscious customers

Veganism, eco-friendliness and eco-consciousness is a growing trend that’s not going away anytime soon. More of your customers than ever are aware of the ethical implications of waste and buying local – and if you don’t change, you might lose those that consider your non-eco-friendly packaging a no-go. Not only can you retain customers that care about the environment, but you can also bring new customers in that might never have considered your business before. By positioning your company as eco-friendly – even better if you’re fair trade or locally sourced – you’re opening up the door to plenty of new opportunities. If you can prove your business supports a greener earth, then you’re likely to get interested customers that would have previously gone elsewhere. By adding more diversity to what you offer, and differentiating yourself from your competition, you can win over customers to increase your sales.

Reduce negative advertising

There’s nothing like a discarded, branded plastic bag or polystyrene container to bring down the name of your business. Negative advertising can be a severe problem for takeaways, with non-biodegradable rubbish with your name on it potentially ending up on the street after every order. With compostable and biodegradable packaging, you can reduce the impact of that negative advertising. Your name won’t be on that plastic bag stuck in that hedge or tree forever. While we’d all prefer waste to go in the bin where it belongs, it doesn’t always work out that way. Being able to offer eco-friendly packaging means your customer’s rubbish is more likely to end up in recycling. And if it does end up on the street, whether deliberately or by accident, it isn’t permanent. No takeaway restaurant wants the harmful effects of customer littering, so taking steps to go biodegradable is the best way to provide a fix without requiring your customers to take action themselves.

Reduce waste for your business

Alongside customer waste, the average takeaway produces plenty of rubbish of its own – which can come at a cost, depending on the number of bins you need and the type of waste you’re disposing of. Compostable and biodegradable materials help to reduce the overall waste footprint of your business. Instead of polystyrene that can’t be broken down, or plastic that needs to be put in the bin, these resources can be composted on-site, or used as part of a recycling scheme. For ethical and eco-friendly reasons, reducing waste is an excellent thing for any business to do. While some takeaways argue that their containers are built to last, more items end up in a landfill than stored in your customer’s homes. Going the eco-friendly route is the best way to enhance the green status of your company, while also providing plenty of benefits for your business in general. Do eco-friendly takeaway food containers sound like the ideal change for your restaurant to make? View our full product range online today to discover the selection of different options on offer at Simply Eco Packaging, from burger boxes to lidded containers, sauce pots to hot food containers. Whatever your kind of takeaway, we’ve got the ideal green replacement for the current packaging you use.