Salad & Soup Containers

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Perfect for food retailers in both summer and winter months, our range of eco-friendly salad and soup containers are the ideal solution for any business looking to become more sustainable. Within our range, you will find a selection of different sized and shaped containers and lids in both white and natural colours, enabling you to easily add your own branding to the packaging. Our salad and soup containers are manufactured from paper and lined with PLA - a plant-based bioplastic - which means they are fully compostable, ensuring they retain their eco-friendly qualities even with good contamination. Not only are our materials environmentally-friendly, but they are also premium quality, making them both durable and perfect for insulation purposes. Whether you are purchasing for a takeaway or fast-food restaurant, cafe or sandwich shop, a mobile food outlet or for any other food retailer or event, our range of biodegradable salad and soup pots provide an excellent choice in terms of value, quality and social responsibility.