Takeaway Containers

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Biodegradable takeaway containers combine practicality and environmental awareness and are suitable for all types of takeaway restaurant whether it’s a permanent restaurant or temporary takeaway food set up for an event. For any environment where takeaway food containers are used, a biodegradable option has the benefits of traditional containers with very few compromises. Within our range, you will find eco-friendly, sustainable container solutions, in varying sizes, including: - compostable noodle boxes - biodegradable burger boxes - biodegradable chip scoops - various compostable sugarcane containers - biodegradable hot food boxes - a range of takeaway bases, sauce pots and lids. Our biodegradable takeaway containers are also available in plain brown and white designs, enabling you to add your own branding with ease. The compostable nature of many of our products also means they can maintain their environmentally-friendly credentials, regardless of any food contamination. With great value on offer, particularly when purchased in bulk, our biodegradable food containers are an essential purchase for companies striving to meet sustainability targets.