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Showing all 7 results

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Centrefeed Blue 2ply Roll

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Eco-friendly paper napkins are the perfect accompaniment to any takeaway or fast food meal, whether you operate a restaurant, kiosk or mobile food outlet. Also ideal for weddings, parties and buffets, our range of environmentally-friendly napkins, manufactured with FSC recycled paper (a certified carbon neutral process), will suit any requirement. We stock a variety of eco-friendly solutions for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and meet sustainability targets, including biodegradable cocktail napkins, recycle-print 1 ply and 2 ply napkins and luxury biodegradable napkins, in a variety of colours. Quilted dinner napkins are also available for those requiring extra strength and absorbency. Not only do our napkins offer great value for money, especially when purchased in bulk, but they can also be recycled or home composted for extra convenience. You can also request custom printing on our napkins to promote your brand, event or occasion.